Religious Ethics in Shi’a’s School of Though
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محل نشر: The Third International Conference on Contemporary Philosophy of Religion
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سال نشر: 0000/00/00
وضعیت چاپ : چاپ شده
نحوه تهیه : فردی
زبان : فارسی
The Shiite, who are one of the two main branches in Islamic though, believe in the opinion which is called rational goodness and evilness. This opinion is special interpretation of religious ethics. According to this interpretation, there are some ethical propositions which are understood by intellect without any need to religion and there are some other ethical propositions which are conceived by the divine command. So this view is between two extreme views: between the view of divine command which maintains that all ethical propositions need divine command and forbiddance. And between the view of secular ethics which maintains that we can understand all ethical propositions without any need to religion. In this paper, the point of view of Shi’a about goodness and evilness has been explained. Then the reasons of Shi’a to reject the point of view of divine command and secular ethics have been accounted.